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Reporting Pupil Absence

Parental guidance for pupil absence


The aim of this document is to give clear guidelines to all parents/carers regarding the implementation of Ridge View’s pupil absence protocol.

The protocol covers absence for any reason, such as ill health, respite and medical appointments.

The local authority has advised all schools to be more rigorous in their monitoring of pupil absence and to inform parents/carers of their legal responsibility to ensure regular attendance.  We are aware that as a special school each child/young person and family has very individual needs and reasons for needing time out of school, however, we have a legal responsibility to consider all of these absences.


Procedure to be followed:-

Ill health

  • Parents/carers should phone the school to inform them of their son/daughter’s absence and the reason. (Messages can be left on the answerphone)
  • If by 10am no message has been received the admin team will ask the class teacher if any reason is known, if not the admin team will phone the parents/carers.
  • If after 3 days the pupil has not returned to school, the nurse may ring to ask after the pupil and to offer support.
  • Parents/carers should phone the school on each day of the pupil’s absence and once the pupil has returned to school no further action is required.  If, however, no contact is made parents/carers will receive a letter from the office asking to outline the reason for absence.



  • If a pupil requires respite during term time parents are required to inform the school of the dates as soon as possible.


Medical appointments

  • If a medical/dental appointment is made during school time parents/carers are required to send a copy of their appointment letter to the school.