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Year 7 Catch Up Funding


Ridge View Year 7 Catch up Funding 2016/2017


The Government has made a commitment to provide educational funding to schools for each year 7 pupil who has not achieved Level 4 in reading and / or maths by the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6). While we know that this is not relevant to pupils at Ridge View like all mainstream schools we will receive an additional £500 for each pupil in year 7.  Based upon the individual needs of the pupils, schools are permitted to decide the most appropriate way in which to use the funding. Examples of effective use of the funding may include interventions such as:


  • 1:1 tuition in addition to classroom teaching
  • Intensive small group tuition
  • Purchasing external services or materials to those already provided by the school


The allocation for Ridge View for 2016/2017 is estimated to be £3500. At Ridge View the aim will be to use the funding to best support the pupils to make as much progress as possible in Maths and English.


Rigorous analysis of Yr7 pupils progress data enables staff to identify the barriers pupils may have and focus the funding in these areas of difficultly. The impact of the interventions and strategies put into place is monitored and reviewed during pupil progress reviews.


At Ridge View our Year 7 Catch Up Funding priorities for 2016/17 are:


  • Improve reading outcomes through Beanstalk reading intervention and increase the use of symbol reading
  • Increase engagement levels for pupils with PMLD through access to music therapy and sensory equipment
  • Increase progress in Maths through the introduction of Mathletics
  • Increase progress is speaking and listening through LEGO Therapy


For more information please see the Strategy Statement for 2016/2017


Measuring the impact of the Year 7 Catch up Funding:


The impact of the year 7 catch up funding on pupil progress is continually assessed through progress tracking of maths and English and within pupil progress review meetings, held three times a year. During these meetings interventions and strategies put into place are monitored,  reviewed and adapted as required to ensure that they are effective and pupils are making progress. Progress may also be monitored through a range of alternative assessment scales such as Leuven - a scale used to measure well-being and the engagement levels of pupils.


Impact of Year 7 Catch up Funding 2015/16:


The table below shows the percentage of pupils who achieved their end of year target in Yr7. The impact of the Catch Up Funding is evident as the the percentage of pupils who achieved their end of year target in year 6 is less. Furthermore the current data for these pupils shows how the impact of the Yr7 Catch Up Funding has been sustained with the exception of Reading which is a whole school focus this year.







Term 6 - Yr6 (14/15) 10 pupils

70% 70% 80%

Term 6 - Yr7 (15/16)

12 pupils

73% 82% 82%

Term 2 - Yr8 (16/17)

12 pupils

92% 70% 92%